Big Game Hunting

We offer guided Elk, Whitetail, and Mountain Lion Hunts through our partner, Backcountry Montana Adventures.

Southwest Montana
Elk Hunts

Backcountry Montana Adventures specializes in fair chase archery and rifle elk hunts. The public lands we guide in Southwest Montana have known large elk numbers as well as a good bull to cow ratio.

Your hunting opportunities will be enhanced on the public lands we guide by our experienced team of local guides. All of us having 15 plus years of experience hunting the mountains of Southwest Montana and are excited to share our love for the land and the creatures that inhabit it.

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Private Land
Whitetail Hunts

We provide you with the opportunity to get your trophy whitetail buck. On our private land leases totaling over 2500 acres, there has been very limited hunting over the past decade.

We have set tree and ground blinds along heavily traveled trails to and from the alfalfa and grain fields for optimal hunting opportunity. There are very liberal bag limits; you can buy additional over the counter doe licenses.

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Mountain Lion Hunts

Come hunt the majestic and powerful mountain lion.

With seasons starting in early December and running until mid-April the hunting is not for the faint of heart. We guide hunts during this time of the year for the advantage of snow cover to “cut tracks” and because we can use our well-trained hound dogs to aid in tracking the elusive cat.

Because Mountain Lion hunting requires that we walk in on foot, being in good physical shape makes for a more enjoyable and successful hunt.

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